Synthetic Cathinones (Bath Salts) Detox and Rehab

Widely known in the grey market as bath salts, Synthetic Cathinones are one of the most harmful drugs that you can find in the market. Bath salts produce dramatic effects when used in large or small quantities, and there are very famous and well documented incidents of cannibalism as well as other horrific attacks that have happened by people on bath salts.

A lot of horrific incidents are associated with people that consume bath salts. Substance abuse is one of the most horrific incidents associated with this drug, and although there are numerous myths associated with the use of this drug, there is very little evidence to support those unfounded tales. This is also the primary reason why Synthetic Cathinones has got a disturbing history and a very disturbing user base. Commonly, it has been found that most of the users behave like “zombies” and that can be pretty disturbing for the people who are close to the drug user.

A small shrub that grows in various parts of Eastern Africa is the primary source of Synthetic Cathinones. The plant, which is called Khat, produces Cathinones which are then synthesized in the lab and used in a similar manner as amphetamines.

Common Effects associated with bath salts

  1. Dilated pupils
  2. Extremely high blood pressure within the shortest time possible
  3. A rapid increase in the heart rate

Rapid increase in the heart rate that can lead to enormous risks of a stroke or even a heart attack within a very small period of time. Synthetic Cathinones have also been associated with migraines and splitting headaches in a variety of users. Many people have also reported an increase in the sexual stimulation by using the drug and that has led to a lot of potentially embarrassing situations and dangerous consequences.

Other symptoms such as the loss of diet, developing averseness to studies as well as disturbances in sleep are also pretty common with the rampant use of Synthetic Cathinones.

Synthetic Cathinones detox and treatment

When you find a near and dear one making use of Synthetic Cathinones, it is high time for you to consider taking the person to a detox and rehab rather than letting the situation spiral out of control. Bath salts can have pretty negative effects on the immunity of the body as well, and that can lead to diseases which might be fatal in the long run.

Once you to identify the addiction, it would be your obligation to talk to the person and persuade them to go to a detox center. An intervention is also necessary so that you can encourage your loved one in order to take care of the drug addiction. The budget should not be much of a problem as detox centers do not cost a lot of money, unless you want to maintain your sanctity and privacy and go for the uber expensive ones.

Alarming statistics have also shown that bath salts are primarily being used by younger individuals as they are extremely attractive and colorful. As a parent or a guardian, it is your duty to educate your child and ensure that such kind of things does not happen with them.

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