Signs of Teenage Substance Abuse

teenage substance abuse

Teenage substance abuse can be devastating to your child’s future and your family. Knowing what to look for and being pro-active will help you find the professional help you need to stop the drug use. When teens abuse drugs, the signs can be obvious and painful to see. However, paying attention and staying involved in …

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Cocaine Trafficking in Mexico: Mexico’s “llello” Drug Trade a Waypoint for U.S. Demand

cocaine trafficking

Antecedents of Mexico’s drug trafficking include politically unstable predicaments fostered shortly after the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914. Colonel Esteban Cantú was one such figure who used the illicit lore of narcotics to arm and supply his troops in the contentious border regions of Baja California. Cocaine, prefiguratively, was a middle-class, “bourgeois” drug reserved for …

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Amethyst: Universities Gone Wild: Reducing the Underage Drinking Law will Increase Abuse and Addiction

teenage drinking

Recently, a group of 130 university presidents signed the Amethyst Initiative. This called for elected officials to review the need for a 21 minimum age drinking law. Why Question Underage Drinking? The college presidents wanted to invite new ideas on how best to prepare young adults to “make responsible decisions about alcohol use.” (Amethyst Initiative,10 …

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Alcohol, Alcoholism, and Alcohol Abuse


Alcoholism is made light of in society today through television shows such as The Simpsons and Family Guy. However, alcoholism and alcohol abuse are very serious things to deal with. Alcoholism can impact every aspect of the users life from work, social relationships, personal relationships, and parenting. Although there is no known cure for the …

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